Update on the Corona situation


The COVID-19 Poverty & Hunger Relief project is going well. We have delivered food parcels to 45 families that need it most so far & each parcel should last them a month. We will be doing more over the coming weeks. Just to update you on what we decided regarding our staff, below is a whatsapp message I sent round to them all. We are doing the payments to them now.

COVID-19 Staff Relief 2 months

As many of you are aware we have started an All Out Africa Foundation COVID-19 Poverty & Hunger Relief project. The aim is to get food or money to those that need it most as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

As part of this, using some funds from a once-off donation by All Out Africa and some funds from a once-off donation by one of our supporters, Atle, we wish to support those of our staff who are laid off and in need of assistance to provide food for their families during this time.  In line with the principal that it goes to those who need it most & to be objective & fair we have agreed that this donation will be R350 per staff member who earns less than R1,000.00 per month for two of the next three months. We will do this for permanent staff and those temporary staff who have been consistently involved for an extended period.

Hoping this will help during this time and that you are all keeping safe & well and looking forward to connecting again.

Of the E350 per staff member, E200 is coming from your funds & the other E150 is coming from business reserves. Thank you again for your help.

All the best