Omicron creating new challenges

It is very disappointing news about this new variant and the associated travel restrictions. The travel restrictions are throwing into chaos our recovery plans for the volunteer program which was just starting to look a lot more encouraging for next year. Out in the communities here the rate of COVID infection is extremely low – only 37 active cases in Eswatini at the moment. We remain hopeful that there will be good news about this strain being a mild variant, but we will keep watching the developments and act as best we can given the information that emerges.

Thank you so much for sending the NCP funds and for your continued support. We are so grateful to you. At times it feels like we have a daunting task ahead of us, but with your support we can achieve a lot for those who are at our NCPs.

Siyabonga kakhulu!

All the best


Disturbing news from Eswatini

Violent protests, riots and looting ongoing in Eswatini

I received this message today:

The situation in Eswatini has deteriorated badly in the last 2 days and we in a state of some chaos at the moment. All shops are shut since midday yesterday and there is sporadic internet. We are hopeful that peace will return soon. In the meantime we will continue to support the kids and NCPs as best as is safely possible.

Good news!

Guess who is going back to school? Yes, schools (including our Neighbourhood Care Points, NCPs) in the kingdom of Eswatini are opening.

The Deputy Prime Minister announced this good news after the kingdom welcomed its first batch of Covid 19 vaccine on the 19th March 2021.

Since then the rollout of the vaccine has been successful. It’s true when they say “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel”

Christmas greetings

Dear Atle and all our friends in Norway

This has been the toughest year for everyone here at All Out Africa with no volunteers for the whole year.

With your support we were able to put a smile on more than 300 vulnerable children’s faces. This year was a bit different as we hosted the Christmas party at each NCP due to the covid-19 protocol.

We could not bring the children all together at once like the previous years.

The children enjoyed a meal of rice, chicken, beetroot, butternut, potatoes, and juice, Which they also took home to share with other family members. They were also given a special treat of lollipop and nicknacks.

We would like to thank you and other donors from Norway for helping us make this special day a special one for these less privileged children.

Having no volunteers for the whole year has brought a lot of strain on our projects but we still remain optimistic and continue to do what we do.

Without your support all of this would not have been possible. We truly appreciate you for always having us in your thoughts.

Please find attached Christmas card from the All Out Africa family. Despite this difficult situation we wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Christmas party

On behalf of the All Out Africa family, we want to thank you so much for your support and generous contribution. Today was beautiful day for the 8 NCPs with a total number of 315 children, as their were celebrating their Christmas party. It was an abundance of excitement and fun since most of the children did not expect to have such a celebration especially with the current pandemic.

More photos are included

Graduation for the kids leaving the NCP to go to school

Chicken farms

We have supported the startup of two chicken farms in Eswatini, funded with microfinance loans outside the donation to All out Africa foundation. The initiative came from two young women working in the project, Eunice and Xolile

We have now received an update on the projects with financial status. The farms have been constructed and the first chickens will ready for the market before christmas as a result of the work of two fantastic women. It can hardly be better than this!

Report from Eunice:

“The chicken business was  started on the 4th of November 2020 and I am happy to let you know that the chickens will be fully matured and ready for the market on the 18th December.

It is not always easy when you start something new as I experienced a few challenges and lost 16 chickens due to the heat. I am optimistic that the business will grow in the future from what it is today. I also look forward into doing a short course in poultry rearing in order to sharpen my skills and help me get the best breed. I am looking forward into expanding the chicken shed as soon as I start generating income.

Thank you so much for always having us in your thoughts, especially during these difficult times.”

Christmas Greetings

We have recently transferred our support for first half of 2021 to All out Africa in Eswatini. The donation is dedicated to:

  1. Supporting the vulnerable children in the NCPs
  2. A Christmas party for the children and staff this year
  3. Some support for AoA staff in this special situation due to the pandemic

This is the response we received from Eswatini today. (Pictures will follow)

I would like to send a big thank you on behalf of the All Out Africa staff and all the underprivileged children that we work with at our NCPS. No amount of words can describe t grateful we are for your immense support.

It has come at the right time when it is needed the most as we rely on volunteers and people like you to be able to help the NCP children that we work with. Without your support all of this would never be possible.

Kind Regards,


Microfinance loans

Due to the difficult times in Eswatini, All Out Africa Staff have been offered the opportunity to apply for a loan through a Micro Finance Fund we have established. The Microfinance Fund is financed separately and independantly from the donations to support the children.

We have now approved the two first loan applications from two of the (female) staff members. The loans will be spent on purchase and feeding approximately 500 chicken for production of eggs and meat.

Given the current situation in Eswatini, the need for proteins is high. The loans will be repaid with part of the income from the business.

We hope the business will be a success and will revert with an update later.

Making a difference

Report from Eswatini August 2020

Due to the devastating effects of COVID 19, the economy of a number of countries including Eswatini has fallen, while a number of businesses and organization have shut down and laid off employees, All Out Africa is grateful and in appreciation of the unending support received from our long-standing partner in Norway

This funding has gone a long way in cushioning our organization to carry out COVID 19 related activities. Without this support, it would be impossible to achieve our objectives during this sad time.

Since 17 April 2020 All Out Africa Foundation has been making food parcel deliveries every two weeks to vulnerable families who we located the 9 communities All Out Africa Foundation works in, being Lobamba, Ezulwini, Mvutshini, Mlindazwe, Ekuzukeneni, Nkhanini, Bethany, Elangeni and Mahlanya. The food parcels include: 10kg rice, 5kg beans, 3kg sugar, 5kg chicken, 1kg bar of soap, salt, 2l cooking oil and a vegetable combo of 7kg potatoes, 7kg onions and 5kg carrots.

In addition, All Out Africa had to temporarily lay off over 30 staff members since April 2020 and this donation has formed part of a stipend paid to 15 staff members who have not received a salary since March 2020.

Thank you once again for the amazing much needed support during this trying time