I dag var det juleavslutning på Nkhanini NCP. Vi har gitt et bidrag til festen slik at barna og de voksne skulle få litt ekstra siste dag før jul.







Her er hva Yuko skriver:

The Christmas Party was a huge success!!  The kids, Teacher Mbali and the ladies all had a blast and had lots of food!!!  The kids also got ice cream and cake and took some food home as well.

Everyone was soo happy!!  I took over 400 photos and I’m busy uploading them on Dropbox so I can get them to you but it’s taking a long time because of the slow internet I couldn’t wait for you to see the photo so I’ve attached a couple of my favourites!

Thank you so much once again for your support, you really made our day!

Have an amazing weekend!!

Warm regards,



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