Solar Lanterns

Today, Atle worked on the Building Project on Mlindazwe and Kirsti worked on Nkhanini NCP as usual. Thereafter, we were invited for a late lunch with Yuko who is responsible for the donor programs at All out Africa. She is thorough and accurate and presented an overview showing how the money we have donated has been spent. The picture below is from the All out Africa office where you can see Yuko in the door, Eunice and Kelly, one of the volunteers from USA.



Yuko showed us some Solar Lanterns made by Panasonic. Panasonic has decided to donate 100.000 of these lanterns in areas without electrical power. 1,3 billion people in the world live in homes without electricity. A simple and genious solution showing how modern technology can be used to improve the lives for many. The lantern also has an USB port, allowing the users to load their cell Phones. All out Africa has received 500 of these lanterns and they are frequently used at the NCPs.


To read more about the solar lanterns, check out this website:

We also visited the souvenir market in Enzulwini. There are at least 50 shops in the market, selling all kinds of souvenirs. However, there are almost no customers at the market and in can be exhausting to be the only one there.


I also include some pictures from Lidwala Lodge where we live. It is a nice Backpacker Lodge. We make our own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is prepared every day and is normal Swazi Food. The kitchen can at times be overcrowded but the spirit is outstanding.

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