Manzini Maternity Ward

We have an increasing number of English speaking readers. Therefore, the blog will be in English from now on.

Before we left Norway, we received a lot of baby clothes made by my colleague Birgitte Stuhr. Yesterday, we went to Manzini Hospital to donate the clothes together with Eunice who works with All out Africa and Marie, one of the volunteers from Belgium.

We were very well received by the head of the Maternity Ward and they were very  grateful for the donation that will be used for left behind babies and vulnerable mothers.

Each year, approximately 10.000 babies are born in this ward. That means that there is a baby born every hour, day and night, all year around. In total, the ward has 16 midwives (jordmødre) employed to take care of the births. The clinic has some resources available for premature births and other complications but as you can understand, far less than we are used to.

Below some pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Manzini Maternity Ward

  1. Så herlig 🙂 Godt jobbet av Birgitte.

    Laerdal Global Health har fantastiske tiltak for å redusere dødelighet blant nyfødte, både når det gjelder opplæring av jordmødre og ulike typer utstyr som kan brukes. Det hadde vært fantastisk om vi kunne hatt et samarbeid med de for disse herlige jordmødrene.


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