Many of the children at the NCPs are undernourished and the food they get is not enough to develop them. Therefore, we are supporting a program to improve their daily meals.

e’Pap is a porridge with proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for the body. It is developed specially for undernourished kids.

Read more about e’Pap here: http://www.epap.co.za

To check the result and improvement, All out Africa are weighing the kids regularly. Tomorrow, we are weighing all the kids at the NCP Atle is currently building a kitchen in, Mlindaze. I will report the results later.

Include a few pictures from Swaziland. You know you are in Africa when the pedestrian crossing actually is a zebra or when Pumba and his friends crawls up to your fireplace because they are cold.



2 thoughts on “e’Pap

  1. Keep up the good work Atle
    So impressef by what you guys are achieving with small means😎 Regards from Helge pt Marbella


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