June 2018

Below, please find an update from Swaziland (or eSwatini which is the new name) written by Eunice, one of the staff at All out Africa. Even if I will not be able to visit the project this year, we will continue to support the project with the good help from our friends and donors.


20180531_135003 (2)

Nkhanini NCP

Nkhanini NCP, who currently have 15 children between the ages of 3-6 years. These children are still under the care of one Teacher (Teacher Mbali), and the children adore her because of the love she has for them. This is evidenced by the way they interact with each other in my presence during my site visits. Through your support and other various sponsors, you have been able to build an eating area for the children to use for days when the weather does not suit the children to be outside, i.e. during rainy or extremely hot days. In additional the completion of a kitchen and storeroom was a success. Beyond this, we have also re-painted the swings and sew-saw so that it looks even more attractive to the young ones and cut grass around the NCP and toward the toilets. This has made the environment child friendly and safer.

Nkhanini Ncp children

Mlindazwe NCP

Mlindazwe NCP has been working on completing their kitchen and storeroom, at the moment Michael and his team of volunteers have completed painting inside and are currently working outside. We had an American volunteer named Louise, who actually was a returning Volunteer, assisted us with painting a beautiful elephant on the classroom outside wall.  

Mlindazwe classroom - sideview JPG

Mvutjini NCP

As you well know this NCP joined our community partnership outreach in 2017. We have had amazing volunteers who donated and worked on painting the inside classroom walls for the children with Alphabets, Letters, Colors and Numbers for easy learning. We also have a nutritional intern from the US who is conducting a second annual e-pap survey. This is a highly nutritious fortified food. This intern shall comply a report and present to us before she leave in about 10 days on her findings. 

Tooth-brushing Campaign

Hygiene is a common issue throughout the NCPs and we have distributed toothbrushes to all NCP children to instill hygiene. This is in line with our curriculum. We have tried to run a winter campaign where we were requesting for companies or individuals to donate winter clothes to share with our children so they can be warm in winter. Unfortunately this initiative was not successful due to very little positive response received. 

Mvutjini ncp- toothbrushing campaign

NCP School Trips 

Currently, we are conducting educational trips to Mlilwane Game Reserve with all NCP, which included 3 NCP, namely Nkhanini, Mlindazwe and Bethany. We are planning to complete these trip for the rest of our NCP’s in June.

Homework Club

We still continue doing homework three times a week with our primary school students, in order to help improve on their English, Math skills and also instill the love of books to these vulnerable children.

Primary school uniforms

We support primary school going children with school uniforms. This is made possible by sponsor who have committed themselves yearly to this initiative. The school uniform has been delivered to our offices and awaits distribution to the rightful beneficiaries. This will bring the desired changed i.e. children will not absent themselves from schools due to harsh weather or feel different from other children, which should boost their self-esteem and probably improve on their school work. 


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