Cristmas in eSwatini

This week, All out Africa held their Christmas party for the children and staff. This year, the children visited a farm and were shown a lot of animals before they had a nice Christmas party with plenty of food and lots of fun


IMG_5091IMG_5124IMG_5472IMG_5497IMG_5552Below, the message we received from our friends in eSwatini.

“Dear team members, sponsors and supporters. On behalf of all the All Out Africa we will thank you for not leaving out the NCP children and teachers.
Your contribution will enable us to have a Christmas party which we would
not have possibly had, It will also help us provide quality early childhood
education to the less privileged children in eSwatini.

We are very grateful to you as this support really is invaluable and we
appreciate it very much. The children had lots of fun viewing the farm and
interacting with the animals. After their 20 minutes touring the farm they
then got to enjoy their xmas picnic. This would not have been possible
without you. One again thank you so much we really appreciate your

On Friday we are having our graduation at Nkhanini NCP with only one
graduate :). We are hoping to have more children graduating in the future.
The graduation will be co joined with the children’s Christmas party and I
will send you pictures after the ceremony.

May God bless you abundantly and wishing you a merry Christmas and
prosperous new year!”


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