Making a difference

Report from Eswatini August 2020

Due to the devastating effects of COVID 19, the economy of a number of countries including Eswatini has fallen, while a number of businesses and organization have shut down and laid off employees, All Out Africa is grateful and in appreciation of the unending support received from our long-standing partner in Norway

This funding has gone a long way in cushioning our organization to carry out COVID 19 related activities. Without this support, it would be impossible to achieve our objectives during this sad time.

Since 17 April 2020 All Out Africa Foundation has been making food parcel deliveries every two weeks to vulnerable families who we located the 9 communities All Out Africa Foundation works in, being Lobamba, Ezulwini, Mvutshini, Mlindazwe, Ekuzukeneni, Nkhanini, Bethany, Elangeni and Mahlanya. The food parcels include: 10kg rice, 5kg beans, 3kg sugar, 5kg chicken, 1kg bar of soap, salt, 2l cooking oil and a vegetable combo of 7kg potatoes, 7kg onions and 5kg carrots.

In addition, All Out Africa had to temporarily lay off over 30 staff members since April 2020 and this donation has formed part of a stipend paid to 15 staff members who have not received a salary since March 2020.

Thank you once again for the amazing much needed support during this trying time

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