Christmas Greetings

We have recently transferred our support for first half of 2021 to All out Africa in Eswatini. The donation is dedicated to:

  1. Supporting the vulnerable children in the NCPs
  2. A Christmas party for the children and staff this year
  3. Some support for AoA staff in this special situation due to the pandemic

This is the response we received from Eswatini today. (Pictures will follow)

I would like to send a big thank you on behalf of the All Out Africa staff and all the underprivileged children that we work with at our NCPS. No amount of words can describe t grateful we are for your immense support.

It has come at the right time when it is needed the most as we rely on volunteers and people like you to be able to help the NCP children that we work with. Without your support all of this would never be possible.

Kind Regards,


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