Salani kahle

Tomorrow, we are leaving Africa and return to Norway. It has been a fantastic time in Swaziland. We have met so many inspiring people and learned so much about the country, the culture and the fantastic Swazi people. We have also met enthusiastic and inspiring young volunteers from all over the world who spend their time and their money to come to Swaziland to work for the vulnerable children. We are deeply impressed. And we have met all the children who makes the work we do so meaningful and rewarding in every possible way.

There is a moment when you forget you are volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changed yours.

Ngiyabonga kakhulu, thank you all,we will not forget you and we hope to see you again.

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One thought on “Salani kahle

  1. Dere har gjort en flott jobb i ferien deres og det har utgjort en forskjell for mange mennesker og for dere selv. Vi gleder oss til å få dere hjem og få høre hva vi kan gjøre videre 🙂


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