Christmas gifts with a meaning

In the beginning of December, we will send a box with Christmas gifts to our children i Swaziland. We need your help to do this. If you wish to participate you can either make or buy something. If you buy gifts, the value per gift should be not more than 50 NOK. Mark the gift with the age of the child. (Most of the children are in the age 3 to 6) You can also mark it boy or girl if relevant. Have in mind that we will ship it to Africa with DHL so the gifts should be small and not too heavy. If you have kids, may be they have some toys or small teddy bears they can donate? Drawings and Christmas cards are also more than welcome. You can deliver or send the things to us at Atle Sundøy, Nordåshøgda 37, 5235 Rådal, Norway.

We will make sure that the gifts arrive in Swaziland before Christmas and post pictures of the Christmas party.


One thought on “Christmas gifts with a meaning

  1. Hei! Jeg har lest gjennom hele bloggen din fra start nå. Helt utrolig det du har gjort altså! Jeg skal selv til Swaziland på byggeprosjekt i februar. Gleder meg veldig, tror det blir en innmari spennende opplevelse… Men hvordan gaver tenker du er passe? Kosedyr, klær, andre leker?


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